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Over 1000 Brave Cold & Snow for 2012 Day at the Capitol

On Thursday, February 23, over a 1,000 parents, students, and teachers braved cold weather and snow for the 8th annual Cyberschools Day at the Capitol.

Students and their families participated in learning activities, connected with other online students, and showed support for online education.

Lori Cooney, president of the Colorado Coalition of Cyberfamilies, noted "Students, parents, families, teachers, administrators, friends and supporters of online education gathered to show legislators that cyber schools are an important part of the public education system and to celebrate this choice."

Students read winning essays about how digital learning had impacted their lives and gave Golden Apple awards to the legislators known for supporting education.

Joining the event were Senate Minority Leader Cadman, Assistant Senator Minority Leader Scheffel, Senator White, Senator Keith King, Speaker of the House McNulty, Representative Young, Representative Sommers and staff from Representative McKinley’s office.

Judith Stokes, president of the Colorado Cyberschools Association, commented that the legislators "were generous with their time and we greatly appreciated their involvement and the value and regard they showed our students, their families, and their choice in education."

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